What is Physiolytics?

An article appeared in the September 2013 edition of Harvard Business Review (link) by H. James Wilson.  The article goes about explaining monitoring of sports performance using wearable technologies and the subsequent use of monitoring in the workplace to improve performance.  Wilson coined the term physiolytics for wearable technologies that takes one or more piece of technology for analytical purposes, generally in the area of human movement. Wearable technologies are also often termed as disruptive technologies, due to them turning traditional methods of assessment on their heads.

Physiolytics pretty much brings together concepts that have been emerging in recent years.  Fusion of technologies – bringing together more than one form of human movement assessment tool is fast growing and allows analysts to assess more than one set of data to measure human movement.  Using more than one dataset builds evidence to give confidence of accurate feedback.

This lab uses cutting edge technologies built by world leaders in Sports Technology development.  Until recently, most assessment has been in sporting environments and predominately for elite athlete assessment.  This has been of benefit due to elite athletes being highly repetitive in their actions, enabling identification of unique signatures seen for specific movements in data to be identified.  From this models have been created that can then be applied to situations within the general population, again largely in sporting contexts.  Now we are expanding into many areas of human movement assessment.  Because of this, we have decided to run with H. James Wilson’s name: “Physiolytics”.

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