Animal monitoring – CattleAwear

Physiolytics is now branching out into monitoring livestock animal movement patterns. This will be wide ranging and includes monitoring movement both in paddock, yard, and transportation environments. The aim is to provide objective feedback to stakeholders for condition, health, and wellbeing of animals.

The wearable is known as CattleAwear that is dynamic in its nature, therefore dynamic in what can be taken from it. The feedback may be real time or stored and information relayed in a delayed sense, depending on requirements of each individual circumstance. After speaking to potential industry partners, the opportunities are endless.

Typically, in initial reaction is What is a Sports and Exercise Science based group know about working with animals. We do not profess that we do. However, we do know a considerable amount about wearable technologies and we are able to provide years of experience in the human movement field that can be applied to animal based environments (Who says elite sports do not give back to society???). It is the collaboration with interested partners that brings in the industry knowledge.

Wearables are smart. However, they are not that smart that they know what they are attached too! It is a matter using established technology and applying it appropriately. This is an exciting avenue to follow – more to come.